Clever Tips to Make Your Cleaning Session Faster

Cleanliness is a must in any household. It is important to maintain and keep our house clean and sanitary because we spend most of our time in our house and it must be conducive to good health. No one wants to live in a dirty and smelly house because it is simply disgusting, and diseases always abound. 

Cleanliness inside our house though is not given freely; we have to constantly work for it by cleaning it. Admittedly, it is not easy to clean our house because we don’t have much time and energy from work. That is why when we clean; we have to conserve as much energy and save time because we have more enjoyable things to do.  

Because cleaning is essential and is a must, and you don’t have much choice about it, here are the clever tips to make your cleaning session faster.  

  1. Bring in the Music Hype!

You will most likely finish the chore faster when your move faster, and one excellent way to speed your cleaning session is by pumping and hyping yourself up from music. Bring in that playlist that has songs with high paced lyrics and beats. Not will only music help you move faster; it also makes your task more enjoyable.  

  1. Begin with Your Least Liked Room

One of the hardest parts of cleaning your house is doing your least liked room. When you leave this room for last, there is a high chance that you won’t clean it at all because you simply don’t have the motivation. 

Counter this tendency of yours by starting on that least liked the room and then finish your task by cleaning your favorite room at last. Or if you really don’t want clean specific rooms because of your own reasons, better hire Riverside maid service to have the room cleaned.  

  1. Be flexible and Selective

Some people clean the house regularly and rigidly, even if the things or the rooms are not that dirty and not that useful. To clean faster and more effectively, you have to clean only the things or rooms that are often used or just too dirty. Do not be compulsive on cleaning the exterior of your spotless refrigerator even if you have not cleaned it for a couple of weeks.  

  1. Practice CLAYGO

If you are wondering, CLAYGO means cleaning as you go. It is important that you always clean, not just during your cleaning sessions. This means that if you spot a mess, better fix it up immediately and don’t wait for the mess to compound. If you saw things scattered around that don’t belong in the current room, then take the initiative to return it to the proper room. If there are spills and garbage, clean and throw them quickly and don’t wait for their smell and stains to set into your flooring and carpets. You also have to instruct your household members and make them practice CLAYGO as well, so the cleaning sessions would not be too heavy for you. 

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How to Prevent Mold from Damaging Your House 

When there is standing water in your house due to natural incidents such as a flood or a leak, mold almost immediately follows. As a matter of fact, within two days of the water problem, mold can immediately grow as well as spread throughout your residential property, causing structural issues and damage, not to mention sickness to those people suffering from allergies and asthma.  


Shut off the Water and Vacate Your Home 

The moment your sewage system or water pipe is leaking, it’s important that you turn the water off right away after you have located the point of leakage. This will prevent water from creating further damage to your home as well as make the process of cleaning up mold much easier and faster.  

So, any time there’s a moisture problem in your home, it’s best that you keep your water off until the problem is completely resolved. Whenever possible, and most especially in some cases of a huge water problem, it can actually be best that you and your family stay somewhere else while your house is being recovered with the help of professional and experienced mold removal experts. We have actually listed some tips in order to help you keep mold out of your house while you wait for professional and experienced mold removal contractors to remediate mold in your residential property.  

Do Not Touch or Move Anything with Mold 

As a matter of fact, even the smallest spots of mold in your home can be very dangerous. Thus, instead to trying to handle mold on your own as well as unintentionally spreading the spores of mold or making you and other people sick, it is best that you call a professional mold removal expert.  

It is best that you hire a professional and skilled mold removal contractor since they have the right training, experienced, and knowledge to do the job in an efficient, timely and effective manner. Aside from that, they also have the right protective gear and equipment that make sure that the mold is completely eradicated without any injury or accident during the process. 

Water problems in your home can surely lead to a more serious black mold infestation unless you treat them quickly and properly. This is the reason why it’s important that you stay safe in your own home at all times and you should call the professional help of expert mold removal company if you notice any mold in your home. 

It’s also important that you restrict the airflow in your house. What most people don’t know about is that mold spores can actually spread more rapidly the moment they’re blown around by air conditioning units or fans. In addition to that, mold can also get sucked into an HVAC unit as well as cause mold infestation that you’re not totally aware of. This is why it’s important that you turn off all fans and your HVAC system the moment you notice a mold buildup in your living space. Resist the urge to point your fan at wet flooring or carpet. Also, most homeowners tend to prevent mold and mildew from existing because they choose to hire a professional and skilled drywall contractor in their area. 


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Benefits of Clean Air Vents 

Why you should keep those air vents clean at all times?  

As a living being, we all require clean air to breath. There is an importance that goes to air vents and why you should keep them clean. Your house requires clean air to circulate the house and there is a number of reasons as to why that is important. Sterling Heights air vent cleaning is something that you should get done regularly.  

Clean Air Vents

Here are the reasons why you should keep those air vents clean at all times. This is where you learn the importance of breathing in clean air if you haven’t realized yet.  

  1. Cleaning of your vents will improve the air quality in your home. You don’t exactly want to have molds and dust circulating around your home. So, it is imperative that you get yourself a cleaning or maintenance just for your vents.  
  2. Health Reasons – As mentioned before, there will be molds and other allergens that could get stuck in your air vent and that could circulate around the house and trigger you if you have the condition. That is something that you don’t want to suffer from. This is partly because the solution is pretty easy if only you remember to follow them. It is to keep your air vents in pristine condition to avoid any nasty health conditions.  
  3. A clean vent can help reduce the cost, this is how. When you keep your air vent clean the cost for maintenance will be lower, this will also lead to your air conditioning performing in its optimum capacity which will again, save you more on cost. When you maintain your air vent it will reduce the reasons for repairs because you have put your attention to it. Your bills would also be a tad bit lower because your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature of your home because you can do better.  
  4. A clean vent will also boost the lifespan or longevity of your whole system. You don’t have to worry about things like issues that went unnoticed because your main goal is to make sure that your air conditioning system will be kept up to date and up to awesomeness. This means you don’t have to waste your time going through things that might damage your system and your health in the long run.  

As human beings, there is a certain kind of maximization that each one of us would love to take advantage of but sometimes feels lazy to follow through. However, it should be motivation enough that with the thought that you could do better with the money that would have gone to extra costs for repairs and what not just imagine the places you’ll go or see.   

A true and smart investor would be able to do what is offered to them and make the most of what they have. So think smart and be smart.  

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How to Know if There Are Termites in Your Home? 

We can all surely agree to the fact that a home is a great investment, which is why we want to do the best that we can in order to maintain its good state. However, insects can really invade our home and eventually destroy our precious home. This is the reason why we should be very mindful about the early signs of pest infestation, most especially termite’s infestation, in our home.  


Detecting termite signs earlier can certainly help us since we can always call a professional and dependable pest control company to help us get rid of these pests in an efficient and fast manner. If you want to make sure that the job will be done in a proper and fast manner, always make sure that you hire a professional pest control Scarborough. Below, you will be able to learn some of the most obvious and common signs that insects have already infested your home. 

Hollow Wood and Small Holes  

Due to the fact that these pests eat away your wood beams’ interior before they break through the surface, then you can tap on the wood sometimes in order to know if it is hollow on the inside. The moment the wood cracks, then it is a very obvious sign that it has already been weakened by a termite infestation.  

If that’s the case, then it’s best that you ask help from professional, highly trained, and reputable pest control company in your area since they are the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in this field. Try looking at your attic’s wood beams or anywhere that you can see them. Check if they are exhibiting any damages or signs of tiny holes.  

As a matter of fact, that rarely happens in a natural way. And, more likely, it is the termites’ work. But, the truth is that you might not often see tiny holes in wood. This is because termites often work their way from the inside out, which then carves their ways through wood without having to break back to the surface’s outside area. So, in that particular case, you will need to always watch out for the following points. 

Droppings and Tapping 

In certain areas that are already heavily infested by termites, you can be able to hear a loud audible tapping. As a matter of fact, the tapping sound is often made by soldier termites since they tape their own mandibles on wood materials. This is to let other termites know that the colony is already occupied. The moment you hear an audible tapping of termites, you must contact a skilled pest control service provider right away for extermination or inspection of your home in order for you to know if there really is a termite colony.  

If that is the case, they will perform the necessary action so that you’ll get rid of these pests in no time. You should also look for any debris, which termites can leave behind. Most of the time, this can include droppings. 


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Dirty Carpets are More than Just a Dirty Rug  

Carpets are a great way to adding style in any room. They are comfortable to walk in having a soft texture, provide protection for falls and prevents slips from happening. They are also a great styling tool, having multiple styles that come in a multitude of different colors for you to choose. Having a carpet, however, requires a great deal of maintenance, as it requires more attention regarding carpet cleaning as compared to other conventional floors, and leaving your carpet unattended can lead to multiple health hazards.   

 Dirty Rug 

Carpets are dust magnets, and without proper maintenance, it easy for tiny organisms, dust, dust mites, mold, and other harmful compounds to multiply in the vicinity of your carpet. More to that, pet hair or fur, as well as human cells, feed these microorganisms, and they can easily accumulate in the fibers of your carpet. As people and animals walk over the contaminated areas of your carpet, they can be easily transferred into the air by the walking motions, and are a hazard as we can inhale these microorganisms.  

This can lead to multiple respiratory health issues. Mold that has been present in carpet and left untreated can also develop some toxins that make the air that you breathe in your homes unsafe. Inhaling these toxins can lead to irritation in the nasal region which can cause hypersensitivity or even cancer.   

Dirty carpets also serve as living conditions for many living and nonliving skin irritants. These irritants can cause itching, redness, or swelling. What makes things more complicated is that common household pests such as cockroaches or rodents are attracted these irritants and can spread them all over your homes, along with other harmful germs and irritants that they carry. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that is contagious, that is closely related to walking barefoot on carpets that are infested with fungi.   

Dirt and dust trapped in the fibers of carpets can also lead to skin asthma attacks. Some people experience asthma attacks, not of the respiratory nature but is manifested in the appearance of rashes when exposed to these irritants. These rashes can become itchy and sore if not treated properly.   

Another dangerous health hazard associated with dirty carpets is allergy attacks. People can suffer severe allergy attacks in the form of skin itchiness, sneezing, or a general feeling of discomfort when coming in contact with allergens present in filthy carpets.   

Dirty carpets have also been closely linked to higher levels of stress and anxiety. This comes from the feeling of being in an environment that is not clean. Although stress or anxiety themselves do not do harm right away, prolonged states of stress and anxiety can lead to a weaker immune system that makes people more susceptible to sickness. Stress has also been proven to be linked with cardiac health hazards and can lead to heart attacks or strokes.   

When maintained well, carpets can be a great feature in your house, as long as there is assurance that they will be properly cleaned and maintained to avoid developing health hazards related to uncleaned and dirty carpets.

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