Carpets are a great way to adding style in any room. They are comfortable to walk in having a soft texture, provide protection for falls and prevents slips from happening. They are also a great styling tool, having multiple styles that come in a multitude of different colors for you to choose. Having a carpet, however, requires a great deal of maintenance, as it requires more attention regarding carpet cleaning as compared to other conventional floors, and leaving your carpet unattended can lead to multiple health hazards.   

 Dirty Rug 

Carpets are dust magnets, and without proper maintenance, it easy for tiny organisms, dust, dust mites, mold, and other harmful compounds to multiply in the vicinity of your carpet. More to that, pet hair or fur, as well as human cells, feed these microorganisms, and they can easily accumulate in the fibers of your carpet. As people and animals walk over the contaminated areas of your carpet, they can be easily transferred into the air by the walking motions, and are a hazard as we can inhale these microorganisms.  

This can lead to multiple respiratory health issues. Mold that has been present in carpet and left untreated can also develop some toxins that make the air that you breathe in your homes unsafe. Inhaling these toxins can lead to irritation in the nasal region which can cause hypersensitivity or even cancer.   

Dirty carpets also serve as living conditions for many living and nonliving skin irritants. These irritants can cause itching, redness, or swelling. What makes things more complicated is that common household pests such as cockroaches or rodents are attracted these irritants and can spread them all over your homes, along with other harmful germs and irritants that they carry. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that is contagious, that is closely related to walking barefoot on carpets that are infested with fungi.   

Dirt and dust trapped in the fibers of carpets can also lead to skin asthma attacks. Some people experience asthma attacks, not of the respiratory nature but is manifested in the appearance of rashes when exposed to these irritants. These rashes can become itchy and sore if not treated properly.   

Another dangerous health hazard associated with dirty carpets is allergy attacks. People can suffer severe allergy attacks in the form of skin itchiness, sneezing, or a general feeling of discomfort when coming in contact with allergens present in filthy carpets.   

Dirty carpets have also been closely linked to higher levels of stress and anxiety. This comes from the feeling of being in an environment that is not clean. Although stress or anxiety themselves do not do harm right away, prolonged states of stress and anxiety can lead to a weaker immune system that makes people more susceptible to sickness. Stress has also been proven to be linked with cardiac health hazards and can lead to heart attacks or strokes.   

When maintained well, carpets can be a great feature in your house, as long as there is assurance that they will be properly cleaned and maintained to avoid developing health hazards related to uncleaned and dirty carpets.